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This Blog's Focus, or lack there of

Edith Wharton said "There are two ways of spreading light ...To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it." That's what this blog is about, how the light of other people and the world around me have reflected off and in me. . .or other things when I need to write about other things, like walking, lizards, or fruit. There will be pictures of plants. All pictures are taken by me, unless noted.

I say what's on my mind, when it's there, and try to only upload posts that won't hurt or offend readers. However, readers may feel hurt or offended despite my good intentions. Blog-reading is a matter of free choice, that's what I have come to love about it, so if you are not pleased, surf on and/or leave a comment. I welcome any and all kind-hearted commentary.

It's 2012 and my current obsessions are writing and walking, sometimes at the same time. And books. I'm increasingly fascinated by how ebooks are transforming the physical book, forcing it to do more than provide printed words on a page.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Blog

I'm trying out WordPress and have started a new blog that I'm going to try to be more disciplined about in terms of content, length, regularity in posting, and usefulness to readers. I'm keeping this one alive, but will go on hiatus while I try the new blog. Here's the link to the new, streamlined version of things I think about and then feel like sharing with the world: Under Our Boot Soles